But they successfully shutdown both directions of the over pass for two days, shut down businesses and employees pushed further into poverty with loss wages, tied up dozens of police personal to secure their public demonstration. Covina / West Covina and surrounding communities disrupted. Also shutdown Barrranca east and west freeway on ramps & exits, endangering drivers on the 10 freeway as traffic slowed down due to closed exits. These stunts were not harmless. Please exercise your right without impeding on mine. Local participants are caught up in a fake demonstration ran by Antifa, hiding behind fake smiles, fake laughter and fake sincerity. They called it “peaceful” and they were happy businesses were forced to closed down as they block traffic. They threaten communities with “NO PEACE”.
Covina city council member Jorge Marquez participated in this public civil disobedience stunt organized by Antifa hiding behind BLM funded by Soros. These events were designed to divide us and cause as much disruption as possible. That lady streaming video claimed she is not the organizer however a group of young kids take instructions and directions directly from her and she said “we’re a team” and argued over where and when to march.
The Local police and California Highway Petrol did a good job sequestering the them and prevented further problems.
Jorge Marquez is a Covina city council person who is a participant. Jorge, are you part of Anitfa?