Decode Q drops – Simple Instructions

Its easier than you think. Everyone should learn the basics eventhough you don’t plan to deep dive into it.

To get started, please read part 1 thru part4.

Part 1

Receiving the raw data:

They can come from anywhere, including any open platforms. Pay “attention” and you’ll begin to see them. 

Telegram – could be Trump associated accounts, Michael Flynn Support, Don Jr, Mike Pompeo

Telegram – open channels, ones that are not too crowded. They are using unassuming account names. I found some on Qtah. 

Twitter – US Marines (remember water?), Mike Pompeo, or accounts of people that are subjects or targets. Accounts that’s already captured. Could even from news and congress accounts (example: Channel Rion / OANN). Yes, she is in the know, its a way for Q to convey who’s who.

Video hosting channels. Don’t try to focus too many places, just a few specifics and follow your instincts and “think logically with open mind”.

Its important to recognize that what you saw was a drop.

Remember, Not everything is a drop or decodable. 

Drops could be in writing, text or pictured, and weird making it strange to read. Sometimes intentional letter swaps.

It could be a combination of written or picture. Even Video, Trump’s arrival to FL. motor cade pov, was the address of the supermarket (someone noticed it was altered).

It could be a forwarded post and comments added to build a drop.

Look out for numbers, times, dates, 

Look out for keywords, key phrases, Quotations, intentional misspells, 

Drop could even comical, but mostly quite straight forward.

Don’t worry about it, now since you have an idea what to look for, you’ll begin to see them.

If you suspect a certain event happening in real life, look for start looking for clues in persons of interests and other accounts.

Its a good idea to follow people in twitter, telegram, and others. Avoid too many especially big accounts with lots of forwards from somewhere else, but information can come from anywhere.





 For forPart 2 

Tools for decoding:

The list is not complete, its just what I know and use the most.

1) Lean about the q-clock. First date on the q clock is 7-27-2017 and it just goes around with subsequent dates. It is divided into 60 (as in 60 minutes).

Say you were given a time, use only the minutes. Example 3:14.  Look at both the 14 mark and 44 mark. Numbers and dates sometimes can be mirrored, hence 14 and 44 marks.

There are other mirrors I assume they abandoned since they want to disseminate information to the masses faster. They want people to get the information fast and accurate so drops are easier to recognize and decode compared to the beginning.

On the 14 and 44 marks are the straight of line of dates. Use the highlighted Blue dotted dates only (those are the dates of past drops were given and recorded.

2) Q resources and research Websites examples: and There are others.

3) general internet searches 

4) Twitter searches come to play sometimes

Some drops do not require the use of any tools at all. You can say pure information hiding in plain sight. 

Example: a twitter post by Pompeo contains date, time, keywords or numbers. part or all are clues for you to work with.

Decode the easiest clue first. 



Part 3


Some drops do not require the use of any tool at all and some require several tools.

Once you have the minute marks, example 14 and 44. Use the Q sites to research each date. So 14 mark – 12/21, 4/20, 6/19. Do the same with the 44 mark.

On the Q research website look up the “Q Post” for each of those dates, and read each post.

Original Q post began in October 2017 and stopped in December 2020. 

When looking up a date, say 12/21, look at each available year for that specific date.

If drop were set of numbers, then look up the matching Q post number. I could be mirrored, combined, or segmented. Just try different ways, but drops are easier to decode nowadays.

If drop was a set of keywords or phrases then search using them. Example, “human trafficking” will search as exactly even without the hyphen. 

Dates can come in mo/day or day/mo. Just orient it properly to the research.




Part 4


Most drops are simple to make sense of. Don’t try to overthink it.

However, you have to think logically.

Have an open mind (really open mind).

If it does not seem right, start the research again.

Big key point is MATCH the “possible” information from your research to current events, news, or even expected events. “possible” – try to avoid squeezing round into square.

Example: Mike Pompeo’s Tweet from Jan, 24th. Was Hebrews 11:1. Many maybe most decoded it as 11.1 of the Department of Defense Manual 11.1 Introduction since the decoders we thinking “military”. 

In my view, the idea of Q is disseminating information to us, Q does not need to justify what they do or how they do it.

11:1 was simply Nov 1. Look at all of the available Nov 1st Q Posts. I found the post 34 and 35 to be the most relevant. It is the Q Clearance Patriot statement from POTUS.

As of today (1/31/2021) it has not occur. 

Read your findings carefully and be clear what they are telling us. Many time’s its a Q post but not always.

Each Q post day can have one or multiple Q posts. Choose “wisely” and you will be successful matching the post to the current event. One or more may be relevant. 

Q always say think big picture, no, even bigger picture. Search telegram: Ask The Q Chat

Be fluid. Think logically. Be relaxed.




The above is a set of simple instruction (part 1 – 4) to get started on decoding Q drops.

Q drops now has a different meaning. Now Q is everyone – Don jr, Pompeo, etc…

I was like you, depended only to others to discover, decode, and disseminating the information. But the whole idea of Q was so everyone can have access to the important information bypassing the media and other filters.

This skill will not allow you to decode drops but will allow you to recognize Q styled writing (Trump style”). Example, you can see the use of “It is time to . . . . .” all over on one of Joe the Un-Present’s @POTUS Twitter video, the one BO’s account replied to. Its a way for them to convey that “we got him”.

Please discern for your self. The sheer amount of information coming out is just tremendous. There many accounts out there. Some accounts are normal, some are black hats disguised as white hats, vice versa and any form you can think of. Q told us this is an information war, hence we are digital soldiers. MSM providing fake and filtered information and Q drops providing real information. I believe the white hats have the upper hand. You can see MSM reporting on fake information that are generated by the white hats. 


My translation: When Kennedy faced criticisms and assignation attempts, had to leave home, he didn’t only change America he changed the world, including “me” (President Trump). On the birth of our new republic we are called to honor Kennedy and his legacy and build a new future. Baseball is symbolic – American and round like the world. Jackie Robinson was inducted into the Hall of Fame in the 60’s. They are telling us this project started with Kennedy. Kennedy paved the way for others (everyone involved in this). I believe the author of this is President Trump.

I don’t know which Kennedy. Jackie Robinson – JR? Legacy – dad? Did dad used to call his Jr. B?

This message really moved my heart. 

Perhaps a 95% translation.

The Barack/ Robinson image is a good example of how they are able to communicate to us and bypassing the Media or other filters. With a little skill you just received a communication from the author (in this case I believe its Trump). 

Once you get a lead / clue you keep following it and make new discoveries. The previous decode can confirm future information. In this example, previous decode allowed us to determine Barack Obama’s Twitter acc. is captured. It now becomes a drop point for future communications, “honey pot”.

Discernment: Open your mind, look closely and think logically. Example, Barack Obama’s Twitter account shows him on a video conference with book club members but all of the sounds were mix in individually. The recent videos are now done with green screen (look at the lighting and contrasts). Even though the background shows his room but he could be anywhere. BO is a high value target so have to keep up with the optics. Other targets can just disappear no one would notice. All you need is one confirmation that the account is a captured account, then all information is controlled by white hats. Oh, plus the video is edited, not live as they try to fool you.